Laurel Dress by Greenstyle Creations

Do you know what my favorite part about being pregnant was? Sewing cute maternity clothes for myself! Who says you can’t have fabulous, stylish clothes when you’re sporting the baby bump? There is no need to feel frumpy and unattractive when you can sew clothes that look great and make you feel confident with your changing body. While I loved sewing for my pregnant self, my youngest is 17 months old and I have no plans to get pregnant again any time soon. Luckily, my younger sister, Emily, is pregnant with her first baby so she gets to benefit from my love of maternity sewing!

I have found that a lot of PDF patterns that I already own, can work great for maternity wear as well. Some work with minor alterations and some work great as is. One such pattern is the Laurel Dress by Greenstyle Creations. Of course, I was bound to love this dress seeing as we share a name but the pattern really is so cute and flattering. It features an empire waist, pleated skirt, cowl neck, and my favorite feature Pockets! I made one for myself when I was pregnant, and wore that dress all the time. It was so comfortable, yet looked really classy too. The best part is since it’s not actually a maternity dress, it looks great post-pregnancy too, so I’m still able to wear it.

The dress I made for Emily is just gorgeous. I used some double brushed poly fabric that I’ve been storing forever because I was too afraid to cut into it! The fabric came from Knit Pop and it is unbelievably soft. I only had two yards of it but I managed to make this dress plus a dress for my youngest that I blogged about here.

Isn’t Em just the cutest prego lady you ever did see? I’m excited for her to be a mom and to meet my newest nephew in October! 

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