Criss-Cross Striped Pencil Skirt Tutorial

I don’t know about you guys, but here in Arkansas, it is already hot and HUMID. I love wearing skirts in the summer because I feel like it helps keep me cool, you know with the air circulation and all! I love a good pencil skirt, but I wanted to do something fun and different this time. So I give you the criss-cross striped pencil skirt!

This skirt involves a simple enough modification to a regular pencil skirt pattern, albeit a bit time consuming. And really, the only part that takes a while is making all your pattern pieces. Once those are made, the skirt comes together pretty quickly. Want to make one of your own? Perfect, because I’m going to tell you how!

First, you want to start with a basic pencil skirt pattern. There are tons of tutorials out there on how to draft your own or even some free PDF files you can print out. A quick google search will give you several options. ¬† A lot of skirt patterns will give you one half of the piece with the instructions to cut on the fold. Well, we’re going to need the full pattern piece. No problem, just trace a mirror image of your pattern piece and tape them together. You can use freezer paper, tissue paper, tracing paper, whatever you have lying around will work great.

Some patterns have identical front and back pieces, some have a larger back piece to accommodate you derriere. Mine had separate pieces so I did the same thing (traced a mirror image and taped together) for the back piece as well.

Next is the fun part! Creating your criss-crosses. You can draw your design any way you like. Each section can be the same size, each section can be different. It’s all personal preference! Here’s what mine looked like.

If you have a separate back piece, do the same for the back. And don’t forget to LABEL! Once you cut your pieces is can get really confusing if you haven’t labeled. Next, cut your pattern pieces and pin on your fabric. Now, you want to be sure to line up the bottom edge of each piece with a stripe. This will create the desired criss-cross effect when it’s all put together.

Don’t mind the extra line on piece 4. I just changed my mind about where I wanted to cut.

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you add 1/4 inch seam allowance (or whatever size you desire) to the top and bottom of each piece! (Except the top of 1 and the bottom of 4.) Otherwise, your skirt will end up much shorter than planned. I just laid my ruler 1/4 inch over the edge of the pattern piece while cutting.

Sorry the glare makes it a little hard to see. Just make sure to add that seam allowance!

After you’ve cut out your pattern pieces lay them out in order and admire those beautiful lines!

Next, you need to sew each of the panels together. Piece 1 to piece 2, piece 2 to piece 3, piece 3 to piece 4.

You will sew a seam along each of those red lines. But not crooked like the lines I drew!

Simply place piece 1 and piece 2 right sides together and pin or clip. Using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, sew with a stretch stitch or a serger. Flip piece 1 back up and then pin piece 3 to piece 2, right sides together, etc. Do that for each of the pieces to create your entire front piece. Then do the same with the back.

Line your pieces up right sides together, pin, and sew.


Once the front of your skirt and the back of your skirt are pieced together, it’s smooth sailing from here. You will sew it up like you would any other pencil skirt. Place right sides together and sew both side seams. Add a waist band and hem. Boom! You’re done. Now wear that criss-cross striped skirt with pride.

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