About Laurel

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Laurel and I love sewing, fabric hoarding, and trying new clothing patterns. My mother and grandmothers are all excellent seamstresses and tried to teach me their ways when I was a growing up. Did I listen and learn? Nope! I thought sewing was old fashioned and useless. My mom warned me that I would one day regret not learning.

Well, as with most things in life, turns out my mom was right! Fast forward to 2013 when I found out I was pregnant with twins. All of the sudden, I wanted to sew them everything! Unfortunately, I had moved over a 1,000 miles away from my mom and grandmas and had no one to teach me. That’s when I discovered the online sewing community! I was able to learn so much from sewing blogs, Youtube tutorials, and Facebook groups. I was able to go from someone who couldn’t even sew a straight line to someone who creates beautiful clothing for herself and her children! It has been a rewarding transformation and I am extremely proud of my work. However, I am always seeking to challenge myself and perfect my craft. I call myself an experienced sewist, but I am striving to be a TRUE seamstress. This blog is a place for me to chronicle my journey and hopefully help inspire others along the way!